The Essence of cycling

build the perfect Urban Bike,"das Stadtteil"

(German for:"part of/for the city")

Das Stadtteil is the Urban Streaker that puts a smile on your face every morning you cut across the city and leave traffic jams behind you. It give you your daily dose of nature, energy and fun

Das Stadtteil is a ruthless design approach. Every part of the bike has been doubted for its use and all functions have been realized in the best possible way

EC features

  • The Essence EC ONE is the lightest urban bike with a torque controlled center rive system in the market
  • The G1 center drive pumps out up to 60 Nm whenever you want it to. This gives a top speed of 28 mph /45 km/h (unrestricted)
  • The G1 torque sensor system allows you to control the complete action with your feet, alone. No need to hold a throttle or adjust your support, just ride naturally.
  • what is the use of high power if your battery runs out of juice at the next block? The EC ONE packs almost 400 Wh of energy to make sure you can go that extra mile.Watthours? Well, It translates into a range of up to 50 m (80km)
  • All electronic components are fully integrated into the main frame. This guaranteess a very low center of gravity, much increased reliability and easy handling
  • the compact EC ONE stows away in seconds. Put it in a trunk, bring it to the office, keep iti n your car whenever you need it; One size fits all riders in seconds; additional commuter/comfort/security/lfolding/cargo-Kits mean you can easily tweak it and make it your own

EC Team

Together Louis and me (Stephan ) offer a 3-digit age, hmm, let us call it well expereinced and full of energy. Thousands of bikes have been designed and produced under our management and control. Our lifes are dedicated to make wheels roll and create products that make a difference.

We bring in over 50 years of experience in bike and E-bike design.Next to the know how in guiding such products from its first idea to serial production we also established a grown and well proven network of suppliers and partners which helps us not only in putting Das Stadtteil onto its wheels but even more so deliver it to you in quality and time

The ultimate urban bike. Each part of the bike, each component was developed and improved by us, always keping in mind that we do not compromise in function and quality, but at the same timecreated the best value for money. Any part that cannot live up to our standards was abandoned in the last 18 month of development, leaving only what you really need

EC specifications

- 55 Nm G1 centerdrive
- torque sensor control
- 380 Wh LiIon battery
- fully APP connected**
- Central power switch with SOC*
- 25 km/h / 20 mph/ 45 kmph***
- Standard range 75 km / 45 m****

- Frame Alu 6061 T6
- Gear 52 x 14
- Disc brake front and rear
- full cover chain protecton
- LED lighting integrated
- tire 20", reflective sidewall
- Weight 15.8 Kg